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We work with some of the biggest companies in America and Canada to provide the best-in-class, comprehensive and award-winning customer service. Our team partners with you to ensure that our dedicated agents meet your requirements. From thorough screening during the hiring phase to extensive training, we assemble the ideal team to handle your needs and assist your customers.

The best part is that we only get better with time because our expertise grows with each call answered and each customer served. We hire both remote agents who work from home, as well as associates who work in our call center facilities. We staff and schedule to your specification – making sure that someone is available to answer phone calls, chats and emails – 24/7/365.

Choose dedicated enterprise solutions if you:
  • Expect a consistent call, email or chat traffic on a daily basis and have noticed more traffic because your business is growing fast or your business primarily involves phone contact.
  • Have a budget that will allow you to pay associates by the hour to handle your customers with your desired response times.
  • Have 500 or more calls per day.
  • Have complex ordering, consultation or troubleshooting customer inquiries.
  • Want to make a very personal connection with your customers and you’re looking for a partner to emulate your brand’s personality.

Choosing the customer service approach to use is an important decision for your business. When it comes right down to it, businesses need to have a good presence be it online or on the phone. Contact us and we can build a solution to meet your customer care needs.

Launching your business forward and into the future.

Our progressive and innovative nature allows us to hold ourselves to a high standard of quality, as our mission is to implement solutions that will revolutionize your business for future success. We work endlessly to make sure our experts are constantly working to transform and optimize the operations of your unique business. We are transparent in our work and provide supreme quality services to our clients, enabling us to stay true to our long-term strategy: putting our customers first. It’s time to take your business to another solar system.

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