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From Answer Service to Business Operations Support Center

April 3, 2020

Our clients utilize our answering solutions not only for traditional after-hour answering service, but for everything from e-commerce order taking to complex technical support. We often say, “If you can do it on the phone, we can do it for you.” During this time of uncertainty and crisis, clients have been requesting additions to their […]

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Call Management Resources Coronavirus Preparedness

March 12, 2020

At Call Management Resources our top priority has always been being there for our clients. Our services act as your front-line and, sometimes, your last resort. Because of this, six years ago we made the important decision to move to a sophisticated work-from-home model, allowing us to control quality at every step. This model ensures […]

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Does Your Business Have an Emergency Plan?

February 26, 2020

How to Plan for Those Catastrophic Worst-Case Scenarios Many business owners and managers are very focused on the day-to-day challenges of operating a business. Because of this, disaster planning is often something placed on the back-burner with hopes that those worst-case scenarios never happen.  Can you afford the lost revenue of being down for a […]

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An Answer Service is the Solution for Your Law Firm’s After-Hour Headaches

February 21, 2020

The law is a noble profession and one which can be highly rewarding and lucrative for those who combine their passion for helping people with their knowledge of the law and its intricacies. However, even the most skilled courtroom practitioner can find it a bumpy road when managing the logistics of running a busy law […]

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Customers Still Want to Talk

February 10, 2020

We all have those people in our lives who want to call instead of text, right? Well, much like in our personal lives, many businesses have shifted their customer service focus to the web and social media while missing the customers that desire the in-person or over-the-phone personal touch. Some companies don’t even have a […]

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Answering Late Night Calls from Cold Customers

January 16, 2020

This time of year can be busy with winter weather and emergency calls from cold customers without heat. Sometimes it’s manageable and easy to stay on top of, other times you can be deluged and find it all but impossible to keep up with the influx of calls and messages. Like any small to medium-sized […]

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Start 2020 Strong

December 11, 2019

As the year (and decade!) winds down and the holidays are upon us, most businesses go on autopilot for the remainder of the year, but the most successful companies are gearing up for a strong first quarter and an even stronger 2020.  Is your company ready to make 2020 your most profitable year yet? Did […]

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Making a 4-Day Workweek Work

November 13, 2019

Want happier and more productive employees? Try the 4-day work week!  You’ve probably heard about how a 4-day work week can boost productivity. Microsoft has been in the news recently after its 4-day workweek experiment in Japan led to a 40% increase in productivity.  By shortening the workweek, many companies find their employees focus their […]

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The Arctic blast is here. Is your HVAC business ready?

November 11, 2019

Missing customer calls will cost your HVAC business money.  The National Weather Service is forecasting daily record cold temperatures throughout the U.S. next week. In fact, they anticipate the Arctic blast will break 170 record temperatures and be followed by an extremely harsh winter. This means that if you own an HVAC business, you are […]

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Are you answering the same questions over and over?

October 22, 2019

How late are you open today? When will your new product be available? Are you taking new patients? Running the day-to-day operations of your business can be time-consuming.  Do you find yourself answering the same questions over and over again from your customers? Hours of operations, product availability, service coverage and other basic business information […]

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Our progressive and innovative nature allows us to hold ourselves to a high standard of quality, as our mission is to implement solutions that will revolutionize your business for future success. We work endlessly to make sure our experts are constantly working to transform and optimize the operations of your unique business. We are transparent in our work and provide supreme quality services to our clients, enabling us to stay true to our long-term strategy: putting our customers first. It’s time to take your business to another solar system.

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