Live Agent Answering

24/7/365 Live Agent Answering – In today’s global economy, many companies need to be accessible at any time of the day. Our 24/7 call center service makes it possible for businesses to meet the demand of around-the-clock answering needs without having to hire additional staff.

Your customers, partners, and suppliers demand 24/7 support for the products and services they have invested in. We can meet this demand through operational efficiency and a high level of qualified, live customer service agents, so  your business needs are met at any time of the day.

From helpdesk support to emergency answering, live agent answering around-the-clock unleashes the potential for your business to create, grow, and maintain a huge customer base. If your customers demand continuous support, we can professionally assist them at any time of the day and we will never put them on hold to answer another call.

Our 24/7 call center answering service provides highly trained, professional agents capable of performing your routine business processes with cost-effective customized solutions. Businesses of all sizes, located anywhere nationwide, can benefit from our customizable, 24 hour live answering services.

Emergency Answering

Emergency Answering–Emergencies are unavoidable and can arise at any time; the important factor is how the emergencies are handled. Our expertise and skill in delivering pertinent information, both quickly and accurately, guarantees that any critical and urgent calls are handled correctly and with care.

You will experience peace of mind knowing that our emergency answering service is handling your critical and urgent calls both confidently and calmly. Our highly trained agents are empathetic to the urgent calls from your customers and these calls can be immediately transferred to a representative of your business as defined by your needs.

In the case of an emergency or disaster, you can be sure that our professional agents will communicate any messages in real time and without error. Plus, you can keep your business connected during any natural disaster, weather emergency, or power loss and continue to meet your customers’ expectations.

All of our emergency answering solutions are completely customizable to the needs of your business. Any specifications you have will be handled with precision and care by our trained agents. Plus, each call is recorded for your review and time-stamped which can help you determine the response time of your technicians to the call.

Healthcare and Medical Answering

Healthcare and Medical Answering –We understand that providing answering services for the medical profession is a demanding and complex task that requires a high level of professionalism and accuracy from our agents. We have developed our web-based systems to meet the needs of today’s connected medical staff and can easily accommodate any size practice or hospital.

By building the plans that work with the demands of medical offices large and small, from single physician practices to multiple physician clinics and hospitals, we can offer solutions that far surpass the limitations that medical answering services once had. Error free dispatching combined with multiple message notification processes, helps us maintain leadership within the medical messaging industry.

You can remain available to your clients at any time of the day with our customizable medical answering services. This way, healthcare providers can effectively coordinate after hours care even after their office is closed. Urgent messages can be texted, paged, emailed, or called directly to an on-call in order to accommodate your patients quickly and ensure customer retention.

Overflow Answering

Overflow Answering – Never put a customer on hold again, get a busy signal, or let them go to voice mail to leave a message in the hopes of being called back at a later time, when our overflow answering service will assist you by handling all of your excess calls during periods of high call volume. Customers will no longer get frustrated waiting on hold for the next available person when excess calls are automatically routed to our agents.

By answering all calls in a timely manner, we can satisfy your customers’ demands and help reduce the number of callers who will have to reach you again to resolve their issue. Plus, our overflow answering services are completely customizable to the needs of your business. Not only can we help with general inquiries and messaging, but we can also provide more general information about office hours, holiday schedules, events and other announcements pertinent to your business during times when you are unavailable or are receiving a large amount of calls.

Think of us as an extension of your business.

Employee Call-Off Lines

Employee Call-off Lines – No more confusion for your employees on who to call if they are sick and unable to work. We provide a single point of contact for reporting absences that alerts managers with custom notifications and reporting tools which allows your organization to track and record each employee call-off through one central location.

A centralized attendance hotline allows your supervisors and managers to conduct daily business without the distraction of handling an employee absence call. We can instantly inform all necessary personnel such as supervisors, managers, payroll and HR, of any employee call-offs. Each call is recorded, time-stamped, recorded in a database, and issued a number to ensure accurate tracking of every call.

With call-off services, your employees can always call the same number and speak with a live agent who relays the messages accurately and effectively according to your specifications.

Live Transfer

Life Transfer or Call Patching – Call patching is like having your own personal receptionist who screens your calls and then transfers the important ones right to you.

We can relay any call details directly to you and, should you agree to accept the call, the caller will then be patched, or connected, through to you. If you are unavailable to take the call, or do not wish to accept the call, our agents will simply take a message for you.

With call patching, you have the ability to designate the patching number for your calls to be relayed to, whether straight to you or to another designated person at your company. Also, either you or our skilled answering service agents can update your patching protocol anytime day or night.

Employee Dispatching

Employee Dispatching – A dispatch service can provide the crucial link between callers and the people who can help them. With multiple message notification options and error-proof messaging procedures, we make sure your calls are delivered accurately and on time whether it is a call for repairs, support, or even a medical emergency.

There is no reason to hire fulltime dispatchers when we can make sure your message was taken by a live agent and dispatched to its intended recipient. All of our agents will respond quickly and send and receive genuine and dependable messages, record crucial information, and track all correspondences.

On-Call Answering

Our on-call answering agents have a key understanding of the need to be attentive listeners and to make a personal connection with callers that may be thousands of miles away. Because life occurrences can never be pre-planned, make sure that important clients are always taken care of during times when you are not available. On-Call Answering messages can be delivered in a variety of ways:

Email Paging

SMS Paging – Short Message Service(SMS)is a text messaging service component of phone, web, or mobile communication systems, using standardized communications protocolsthat allow the exchange of short text messages between fixed lineor mobile phonedevices.

Multimedia Messaging Service (MMS)is a standard way to send messages that include multimediacontent to and from mobile phones. It extends the core SMS(Short Message Service) capability that allowed exchange of text messages only up to 160 characters in length.

Tier 1, 2 &3 Helpdesk

Helpdesk Support – Your customers, partners, and suppliers demand 24×7 support for the products and services they have invested in and our agents are always available to answer first-tier questions for your company, providing your customers with help and attention during urgent technical issues, resulting in increased customer satisfaction levels and loyalty to your brand and products.

We understand the necessity for 24/7 support for your organization’s products and services. Our professional and skilled agents are able provide help desk support and Tier-1 technical support in a concise and accurate manner regardless of the complexity of your products or services.

Claims Processing

Claims Processing – Claims processing is one of those aspects of your business which is tedious, time consuming and adds to your expenditures. The smarter way of dealing with claims is to outsource them to us. Our professionally trained agents can work on claims processing and ensure that your clients, customers, and policy holders have their requests processed promptly and accurately.


Customized Applications

Custom Solutions – All of our answering services are completely customizable to your business. Each account is customized to meet your specific needs according to what works best for your company. Even though there are similarities in regards to the industry your business is in, there are specific ways that we can setup your account to work with your existing business model.

Virtual Receptionist

Virtual Reception – Timely and exceptional customer service is one of the most important aspects of any business. The first voice your clients hear should be a friendly and informed receptionist available to address any questions, comments or concerns they have regarding your company.

Our virtual reception service is used by businesses of all sizes in a wide range of sectors across the US. Avoid paying for a full-time receptionist, as our live call center acts as an extension of your business and our agents give the impression that they are actually sitting in your office. Plus, we are never late, sick, or miss a day of work due to inclement weather, so your calls are always answered.

After Hours Answering

After Hours – Businesses of all sizes can benefit from 24 hour call center services, as continual availability builds goodwill with customers who appreciate being able to reach a live person 24 hours a day. This ongoing availability also increases potential revenue because your business will be able to respond to sales leads and important customer requests at any hour of any day.

At Call Management Resources, we have nearly 60 years experience in helping utilities grow their business. If you never want to miss another call, call us today and we’ll walk you through our affordable and customized options.

  • No hold times
  • Calls answered in three rings or less.
  • Expert live-answer agents 24/7
  • Customized scripts
  • Specialized call screening
  • Your own 800 number
  • Voicemail and IVR services
  • In-house IT Department
  • Custom account and software design capabilities
  • Online account access
  • Advanced on-call scheduling

Appointment Scheduling

Appointments – Missed appointments translate to lost revenue, which inevitably affects your bottom line. Let us schedule your appointments and remind your customers of their upcoming appointment dates and times by providing courtesy calls when they are most likely to be available.

By utilizing appointment reminder calls, you will drastically increase your arrival rate without a large added expense. In addition, our agents can also remind your customers of the information and materials they need for their appointment, or familiarize the customer with your payment policy.

Tech Support Answering

Tech Support Answering – With more and more technical products on the market, there is a great need for a high quality technical support call center that is capable of following your help desk protocols to give your customers the assistance they need.

24/7 product technical support, is a crucial element in your customer care plan and helps create a loyal customer base. Specialty Answering Service’s technical support call center is available around the clock in our United States based call centers to help and respond to your customers quickly. When you have a problem with your hardware or software, the quality of the phone interactions the customer has is an important of your overall customer care plan and had a profound reflection on your brand image.

IVR Applications

Short for Interactive Voice Response, IVR is a technology that automates interactions with telephone callers. Businesses are increasingly turning to IVR to reduce the cost of common sales, service, collections, inquiry and support calls to and from their company.